May 2015 SilverStyles Magazine

Captivating rounds

Pearls gain favour with winning styles

By Olivia Quiniquini


Pearls have come a long way in shedding their undeserved reputation as an old-fashioned gem.  After all, there is a world of difference between being classic and being dated, and pearl jewellery - even at its most traditional – is arguably always the former.  These days, pearl silver jewellery has become the reliable go-to for women seeking to add some class and elegance to everyday looks. The gem has also been accommodation greater self-expression through baroque and unusual-shaped varieties.  Hoping to now definitively shatter all myths are the myriad of modern styles making their way to the market.


Hang Po Jewellery Ltd is also riding on the modern wave sweeping the pearl silver jewellery category.  The young Hong Kong-based company, established some four years ago, has been making a name for itself through its fashionable jewellery pieces that marry freshwater pearls with materials such as gemstones, Swarovski Elements and leather.


Its latest collections have been deemed by clients as “extremely modern”, reveals marketing manager SoSo Lam.  These include the “It’s Time to Rock with Pearls” collection, which sets freshwater pearls with cubic zirconia in openwork frames in gold-plated silver.  Meanwhile, its Color Puzzle collection conjures up jigsaw patterns through enamel geometric forms embellished with freshwater pearls.  


Growth strategies


The year is shaping up to be quite eventful for Hang Po, which caters primarily to jewellery brands and department stores based in the US and Europe. Market response to its new collections has been quite positive, with some brand clients choosing to incorporate the products in their lines with some modifications. OEM orders have also been pouring in. The main highlight of the year though for Hang Po is its foray into branded territory – the company is currently being registered in Hong Kong and China, with completion expected by midyear.


*Competition has been extremely tough, with many companies competing on price. This is something we have no intentions of doing. Instead, we are choosing to take the branding route to diversify our business. Branding is a long-term investment that requires time and hard work to succeed, but we believe it is the best way to promote our capabilities and be competitive in the jewellery industry,” Lam says.

May 05, 2015 by hangpo admin